Tuesday, March 10

Bento #72, #73

Instead of the usual sushi rice, I stuffed brown rice into the inari skin. Of course the rice does not stick together at all but it tastes not bad (actually, anything with inari skin is not bad or good) and feels healthier too.

I tried to bake chicken thighs in oyster sauce. Unfortunately, I burnt it a little. The chicken skin was meant to be cripsy but in the end it became chow-dar. Nevermind. So I stripped away the skin and it became *ahem* healthy baked chicken thighs without the sinful skin.

I tried baking chicken parts several times but none of them turn out to be cripsy. I think the reason of behind my not-cripsy baked chicken is because I put them on a baking tray. I should have used a guaze or something so that the juice drips away, am I right? Or is it my oven's problem? Or is it the marinate I use? Any tips?

My lunch.

Clement's breakfast. Kind of big portion. I like the colour combination of this bento too.

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Meekfreek said...

Looks nice! I wouldn't mind trying the chicken! I think you need to brush with a little oil to make it crispy and put it on a wire rack.

Lydia said...

no idea how to make crispy... maybe LZmommy can help :)

I like "healthy baked chicken thighs without the sinful skin"!

hmm... this is my 2nd time seeing your brown rice and thought of "Fear Factor", know what I mean? heehee :P

Vivien said...

Yes I love the colourful bentos too :p

Anonymous said...

I used to marinate with soy sauce, ginger, chinese cooking wine to give it an oriental twist. And I put a bit of sugar so it'd brown nicely then I bake it on the rack using only the top grill. Hmm. It's got the grilled chicken crisp, but not fried chicken crisp, get what I mean? hmm.

Angie said...

i used to be able to bake rosemary chicken parts and the skin is fried chicken crispy. i forgot how i did it!!

ah b said...

hi i am new to lunch box and may i ask what is this little cup that is holding the fruits? where can i get them from?