Friday, March 13

Heart Attack!?!

After a headache turned out to be blood clots in the brain, you really cannot blame me for being paranoid.

Since yesterday Clement complained of chest pain and at night, the pain spreaded to the back, the neck.He experienced palpitation and could not turn his neck. I had no idea how to help him except looked up the internet to see what might be wrong. To my horror, which almost caused me a heart attack, he displayed symptoms of a heart attack!

I was not as brave and strong as I would like to be sometimes. So in my pleads and tears, I begged him to go to the A&E immediately which he simply refused and insisted on waiting till the next day to see how things go. I literally cried myself to sleep as I already had a very bad day to begin with-- I scratched the car against the pillar when I turned out of the parking lot. I burnt a hole in my pocket to get it repaired and was racing against time to send the car to the workshop before my horrible timetable began.

Anyway, to cut the long story short ( I had a long day today), Clement's ECG and blood test for the heart enzyme and the chest Xray was ok. The doctor did not think that the pain was caused by cardiac problems. Most likely it was muscular pain due to perhaps too much lying down or whatsoever. I had lessons in the morning and in the afternoon so after my morning lesson, I ran off to TTSH to accompany him in the observation ward. He needed to take 2 blood tests at an 8 hour interval so he was practically there the whole day. Then I rushed back to school to deliver my lesson at 2pm. After my lessons ended at 4pm, I made my way to TTSH again. I had to stand all the time as there was no seat in the observation ward. Finally, he was allowed to go home at 8.30pm.

Some concerned friends messaged me and asked if we were ok because our blog was unusually quiet these few days. Well, to be honest, things are not exactly fantastic but we are managing. I mean, life goes on as usual, I made the same bentos as the previous one so I didn't bother to blog about it, Clement was getting really bored staying at home the whole day and he wasn't in high spirits, I had to manage work, home, Jaimie and self so I was under quite some stress too. That explains why I scratched the car... I just couldn't concentrate yesterday. Clement said it was due to my lousy driving skills. Oh well, that too.

Thankfully the March holidays are here. And since Clement need not be admitted, we are all feeling happy and good and that keeps us going. Having Jaimie around at home with us cheers us up very much. This evening when we came home from the hospital, it feels so good. My in-laws have been of great help in taking care of Jaimie while I managed all the necessary in the hospital with Clement. We are just so glad that we ruled out the worst case scenario.

This period has been a rough patch for us but we always remembered to count our blessings and continue to be strong. Every challenge in life makes us a stronger and better person!

All I wish for now is Clement to have a speedy recovery. I cannot afford to have another heart attack!!

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小的 said...

glad that everything is fine.
wish u n ur family gd health (this is really the most precious and important!)

Meekfreek said...

OH MY! I nearly had a heart attack myself reading about your heart attack!

I can understand how you must have felt....the sleepless night, the heavy workload, the stress.... Give yourself a pat on the back for holding it together. You are indeed a strong and capable woman.

The worst is over and all is well now :) Enjoy your holidays n pamper yourself. I'm here for you so just ask ok.

Grace said...

oh dear, i just cant imagine what you guys have been through for the past 2 weeks while i was away. you must have been freaked out Angie! thank god that all is well that ends well ... really ... best wishes for speedy recovery to Clement and let's pray that everything will go well from now on!!

Shana said...

Glad that its a false alarm. U are indeed a woman of mighty energy and strength, Clement must be so glad that he can depend on u in these stressful times.
Bravo Angie, Jia You Clement!!

I'm sure Jaimie will also sense that both of u r tired and be extremely "guai" at home!

Aces Family said...

Hi Angie,

Yeah, can understand how you feel and it's not easy to go through all these on your own, good that your in-laws are helping u as much.

The "dark cloud" will be over soon and may the better comes after this cloud...take good care.


stardust said...

Can understand why Angie can be so anxious and worried. You take care of yourself hor.

When I visited Clement at hospital previously, I can see his crankiness and frustration over his brain blood clot matter and his boredom at hospital. Now on hospitalisation leave at home should be more worse. (For Angie, certainly not easy to manage!) Clement, do take this opportunity and rest well for recharging of body, stay cool ok.

Angie said...

Thank you, everyone! I know I can always count on your friendship, support and help. :)

Rachel said...

thank god at least its not a heart attack! It must be really tough on you, having to juggle so many problems all at once!

Hope all these bad stuffs will leave you and your family and you guys have a good rest during this march holiday.

Be strong, girl.

wolfgirl said...

poor Angie and Clement...

There are many reasons for chest pain accompanied by back pain etc. However, it is very wise to get yourself checked. At least now you know its not a heart attack.

Rest well, do not exert yourself.

Get well soon.....

Joyce Long said...

Oh dear, must take good care...I know it is not easy..with this...together we stand for you and your call us if you need help...

Anonymous said...

What a scare. Angie it hasn't been easy for you coping with your own issues, health scare, Clement's health and Jae's well-being. *APPLAUSE* for being so strong through it all.

kim said...


So glad that it's just a false alarm. My eyes nearly pop at the title! Like this --> O.O

Hope everything will go back to normal soon. And rest well this hols! =))