Sunday, March 22

Hungry Frogs

Last evening we went to Jurong Point (again) to catch the Thomas Tank Engine show. After that, we went to Kiddy Palace (again) to wild away some time.

Since the Fishing game I bought for Jaimie didn't turn out quite well as a family game, I wanted to buy another game. While walking around the store, I suddenly thought of "Hungry Hippo". It would be a simple and perfect game for us! Clement couldn't find any "Hungry Hippo" but he found "Hungry Frogs" instead. Ok lah, "boh Hippo Frog mah ho". More importantly, the none originals were much cheaper.

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Shana said...

ZY saw your pics, turned her head and told me "Mummy, I want this."

levine said...

hee... very soon can intro monopoly junior liao!

Anonymous said...

these games are retro alternatives to Wii, haha!
I used to play them when I was a child!

Joyce Long said...

Heh..CS also wanted to buy that for Cherrlyn too..but I stopped him as I afraid Cherrlyn will put the balls into her nostril or earhole loh....hmmm..look like I need to change my thinking that next our girls can play that together hor..

stardust said...

Hey do give Jae more time with the fishing game

I let Vince cheat a little by holding the bait with another hand when he started playing previously
Now he is getting better

Heard from Clement quite some time back that she does not like to play with jigsaw puzzles too, I think fishing game is good for training Jae on her fine motor skills too!

Vivien said...

Hei Hei I love this game when young!

Thanks for the idea! Hopefully my boys will not fight over the balls!

Angeline said...

I love this game!!!!
I remember I was so excited when I first played it that I pressed too hard the whole thing flipped!!!
*huge laugh*
Ok, mine was hippo too, we are from the same generation remember? *wink*

Jocelyn said...

Heehee, my situation is similar as Joyce but the roles reversed. I almost wanted to buy this toy at the toy fair but my husband stopped me...