Friday, February 20

Tag: Top 5 addictions

Thanks for the tag, Joyce! It has been a long time...

This is easy for me, for I have alot! The difficult part is to decide which are the top 5...




(4) TEA


I used to watch a lot of drama series but personal time was very precious nowadays to glue myself to the tv. Reading is a passion, I think, not so much of an addiction. I am still very fond of reading and will find time to read no matter how busy or tired I am. It is very difficult for me to enter a library without bringing a book out. Hence, I always borrow more books than I can read. Hmmm... maybe the borrowing part is an addiction!

Being tagged are the following people:
Clement, Angeline, Diana, LZMommy (if you haven't given birth yet!!!), Meekfreek.

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Joyce Long said...

Hi Angie..thanks for completing this tag..

Reading is yet to be my addictions..same here.going into the library surely come out with books..

Angeline said...

funny! I didn't expect Clement's name to appear as one of the being-tagged.

*Thanks for tagging me...*muack*

LZmommy said...

Thanks for the tag Angie! :) Hopefully I have time to finish it before I pop! :)

Angeline said...

*hey girl, I did the tag liao, but its on my personal blog, hope you don't mind*