Saturday, February 21


Jaimie had her first professional haircut done in Nov 2008. I predicted she will need another haircut in 2.5years' time but I am pleasantly surprised that she needs one in 3mths' time!

I asked her if she would like to get her haircut. She remembered the treats she got during her last visit, the balloon, the sweets, the stickers. She nodded profusely and was so excited that "haircut" was the hightlight program for her today! The first thing she said when she woke up from her nap was to ask us to bring her for her haircut and so off we went to Vivocity in search of Junior League.

We forgot where was the Junior League so we searched the directory at B2. To my horror, it wasn't listed! The only haircut service available was QB House! Jaimie realised that there wasn't any balloons and stickers in the "hair salon" and she refused to cut her hair. I didn't want to disappoint Jaimie so I asked Clement to drive to Suntec City, which he said no. When we went up to level one, we saw Best Denki having some road show and there were some balloons. I was very smart so I bluffed Jaimie with a whole pack of lies about the salon was too small and they kept the balloons over here. So if she went for her haircut, she would get her balloon after that. With little more convincing needed, Jaimie agreed to go for her haircut and so I bought the ticket before she changed her mind. To replace the basket of sweets given to the little customer in Junior League, I let her have a dollar coin and promised her a kiddy ride after the cut.

I was glad the Jaimie enjoyed her haircut. She was smiling throughout the haircut and when the hairdresser asked her to close her eyes, lower her head etc, she obliged and won a lot of praises from the aunty. That really made her very happy.

Tah-Dah!! I want Jaimie to keep her hair short as the weather is really quite hot recently.

And so I went up to the road show and approached a staff for one of their balloons. They were really kind to give me one of their deco balloons.

The father and daughter did some balloon chasing in the fountain area and Jaimie got wet. Luckily I bought an extra set of clothes for her. I don't usually do that but because Jaimie was having a little diarrea, I bought one set just in case.

Meekfreek messaged me later to tell me that Junior League is located in Toys R Us. AHhh!!! Yes!! That was where we saw it the last time! Nevermind, we'll go there in 2.5mths' time, hopefully!

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Vivien said...

Hei, her 'messy' hair is so cute! Feeling like kissing on her cheeks ;p

Btw, I have prob viewing other pics leh???

Angie said...

no problem on my lappy leh?

Meekfreek said...

Nice, nice! You worked hard sourcing the haircut bribes! Very resourceful!

Lydia said...

Clever mama :)

I've just cut my girls' hair... think it was so good that my helper thought I know how to cut hair, hehe :P