Sunday, February 22

瘾君子: My Top 5 Addictions

I suspect this is my wife's way of reminding me just how long it has been since my last post on the blog, and her giving me that little nudge to get me off my lazy butt.

No particular reason why I havn't been contributing at all lately. Writers' block, uneventful days, overwhelming exhaustion, pure laziness, all of the above. You know how it is with things, once you get into a doing something consistently and regularly enough, the force of habit kicks in and it becomes routinised. Exactly the same goes for NOT doing something. That was what happened to me when I laid off blogging for a while.

So, anyway...back to the Tag. Oh, it has indeed been a considerable while since the last Tag appeared on this blog (not counting Angie's recent one lah). I'm glad it is an easy (short) one. One that I can work on, now that I'm curiously awake at this odd hour, with my laptop on my well, lap and my two babies soundly sleeping on the bed next to me. Well, here it goes.

(1) The smell of Jaimie's hair (not when it is sweaty and sticky, though)

(2) The taste of Angie's bentos

(3) The sound of the line "Papa, I Love You"

(4) The feel of the bed after a long and tiring day

(5) The sight of my two girls, side by side, soundly asleep

I feel truly blessed that I can indulge in a couple of the above at this very instant. Ok, I'm gonna do (4) too now.


3 voices:

Angeline said...

Wahhh...Clement, your addictions are your feelings and what's deep in your heart. What a man!

*I've got a tag for Angie

Anonymous said...

I like that you covered all 5 senses!

Lydia said...

Now, I'm curious whether unknowingly or knowingly you listed the 5 according to all 5 senses like what AF so observantly pointed out... well?