Friday, February 20

Bento #64

It has been a long time since I ate this: marie biscuits soaked in hot milo! This used to be my favourite breakfast/ teabreak when I was little. Since I did not make anything for breakfast today, I made myself a cup of hot milo and threw in some rich tea biscuits from Marks and Spencer. So nostalgic!!!This is another chap-chai-berng bento. This time, everything except the steamed broccoli was from my mom's dining table. (1) home made ngor-hiang (2) lor mushroom (3) lor egg and (4) corn. I like to eat brown rice tasted and I realised that furikake makes it even more appealing! Hmm... perhaps furikake makes everything taste good! Next time I shall try furikake in oatmeal... anybody tried?

2 voices:

Meekfreek said...

Sweet treat! Try sucking up your Milo through a TimTam. It's niiice.

Must get back to bentoing one of these days. Yours are looking delish!

Angeline said...

now that's a great reminder!
I've not taken Milo with Marie for ages, I almost forgot I once loved it so much, I can't do without it for a day...hmmmmm.... memory is failing me...age is catching up