Thursday, February 19

Bento #62, #63

Clement was at Holland V area last evening so I asked him to tarbao the hey-cho (prawn rolls) and san-lao horfun from the famous but attitude Holland V XO Fish Head Been Hoon stall so that we could share with my in laws when we went over for dinner.

My MIL was quite sick with fever and flu but she still cooked dinner for us. With the extra food Clement bought and the sumptuous dinner my MIL cooked, she had a lot of left over. To make her happy and to show my appreciation, I tarbao some of the leftovers for my bento today so that the food would not go to waste.

Clement's bento is for breakfast so I didn't give him alot. (eh?! not a lot meh?) The pork ball and the hey-cho was the left over while I made him egg and cheese sandwich for breakfast. The broccoli were steamed in the morning.

This is very big portion!!! I had tofu, minced pork, pork balls, prawn rolls, broccoli, ginkgo buts and brown rice for lunch. This looks more like chap-chai-berng then bento... but it makes my morning more manageable. I can wake up at 5.30am instead of 5am with all the stuff prepared! Half an hour makes a lot of difference!

Today I tarbao some food my mom's place. My bento #64 for tomorrow will be chap-chai-berng styled again. I think I have found the way to make my life easier... heh heh heh.

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crazymommy said...

chap-chai-berng bento is still 爱心便当 mah. That's what i make for my ah lao everyday anyway. muahaha! (PS: I am still trying to find motivation to create cute bentos like yours la!) Btw, may i ask where you get the face punchers from? We are planning to go back Sin this Spring, so I want to get some bento barang barang. :) Thanks!

viv said...

wow still looks so yummy.. i really salute your efforts ro prepare all these!! well done!!

Angeline said...

ya man! especially when its in the morning, and one is still blur blur...30 mins can make a huge difference!