Wednesday, February 18

Bento #61

HappyPig is going to buy me the delicious duck porridge for brunch so this is my pre-brunch and teabreak.

Quite healthy except for the oh-so-delicious cheese sausage. Toasted wholemeal bread with butter and vegetables, zucchini, honey tomatoes and my much needed ginkgo nuts.

Clement's bento doesn't have any ginkgo nuts (not that he has a good memory!!!!). He gets a persimmon instead.

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wolfgirl said...

I will look at your pics while tucking in to my lor me with extra vinegar and chilli and feel guilty!

Shana said...

Angie, u eat gingko nuts like this, plain? U must LOVE it, cos' I'll only eat them with dessert plus lots of syrup :P

LZmommy said...

How do you cook the gingko nuts? I think I should prepare that for kids :)

Btw, for the pumpkin rice, I cook it in the morning too and it doesn't take a long time to fry the stuffs and it depends how long your cooker takes. I even went back to bed after turning the cooker on :p

Vivien said...

Ya, I never tried plain gingko nuts too. Usually eat with yam paste or barley.

Lydia said...

I like e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g in Clement's bento!!

Angeline said...

oh oh... I liked everything except the gingko nuts.

Angie said...

I am ashamed to say that the gingko nuts were canned. i bought it from NTUC for er.. i think it is abt a dollar (the gingko nuts are not working!!!). the little bitter "heart" inside nuts were removed already.
My mom will buy fresh ones, pound on the shells to remove them, then boil them in hot water to remove the "skin" and "heart".

I love sweetened gingko nuts in chengteng/ soya bean curd... but i am trying to lose the weight i gained from CNY...*sigh*, hence the plain ones. i like them, though.