Tuesday, February 17

Bento #59 and #60

I am mass producing bentos these 2 days. First I made 5 bentos of inari/orgini yesterday due to an overestimation of rice to cook, then today I made 4 crossiant sandwich bentos because in Giant, I had to buy a box of 5. In case you were wondering, Clement ate one as supper already or else I will need to make 5 bentos today too!!!

Here's my tasty yummy crossiant with cheese, egg, veg. Tomatoes and tuna spread as sides. These 4 crossiants go to: Clement, HappyPig, YH and myself. Btw, YH, if you are reading this post, hope you get well soon!

Here's my very healthy lunch. Rice (left over from yesterday!!!!!!) and steam tofu with mushroom and oyster sauce. This is very easy to make and quite tasty too! I would love to add some prawns and topped it with some corriander if I have them in my fridge.

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Aces Family said...

hi Angie,

Wow...MASS production...may i add in a Bento request...hee.

You are AMAZING!!!


Angeline said...

Wahhhh.... got standard leh!!! look like the ones in Delifrance!

Joyce Long said...

Wow..you are one of the most "ON" for bento...Really look up to you..

I love your crossiant sandwiches..make my mouth watering..

Lydia said...

Hi Angie,

After your nothing-to-blog's post last weekend, somehow I was glad just seeing your bento's post... guess it tells me that you are OK :)

Hey... I'm just like your Clement! Except that I'll eat T.W.O of the croissants for supper, haha!

Angie said...

hi lydia,

thank you for your love and concenrn. :) i appreciate it very much.

小的 said...

thank you! i am feeling better after 2nd visit to the doc. but i still gobbled ur yummy crossiant despite my sore throat that day!