Friday, February 6

Let's Drink and Be Merry

Ced and Elo are leaving tonight. Before I meet them for dinner and send them off (SAD!!!!!!!!), let me blog about our gathering last night. Since Pam and Terry are hosting them, we went over to their place after work.

We took turns to scribble on their book about the cultures in Singapore.
As usual, we had loads of fun.
For the past 3 weeks, we have been showing Ced and Elo the colourful cultures in Singapore. On their last night stay in Spore, they decided to get all of us at Terry's place and share with us wine and cheese appreciation. They bought some red wine (and some white ones, I heard, but it was too late to do the white wine) and taught us how to choose good and cheap wine by reading the labels. I was busy taking pictures and was not paying attention. I only managed to get some key words like "2004 is good", "2007 no good", "good wine need not be expensive", "expensive wine may not be good".

Then we had a cheese fondue. The taste of cheese was so strong that I couldn't take it, just like Ced and Elo thought durians smell like cow dung, literally.
The cheese fondue was a mixture of 3 types of cheese and wine. We were to dip our bread into the cheese. Whoever drops the bread into the pot will have to be dunk into the swimming pool!!!
Then, suddenly, everybody started to sing Happy Birthday to Clement and Elo brought out a chocolate moouse which she made for him. His birthday present from Ced and Elo - a Wii game!!!

Ced was made to do a speech which he tried to avoid because he could hardly control his tears. So he tried to monkey around. Anyway, we had a toast to our wonderful friendship.
It was a short gathering as most of us have to work today. The children were tired too and we left at 10.30pm.
Happy times just flew past so quickly. I cannot believe that 3 weeks had passed! It seems like yesterday when we were very excitedly waiting for Ced and Elo to come to Spore. Ahhhhhh~~~!!

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Angeline said...

oh my! reading about what you guys do in that house already brings up my mood.
You guys are so fun being together...
when are they coming back?

wolfgirl said...

Friendship is one of the most wonderful things.

You are really a 重感情 couple.
Glad to be your friend!


Aces Family said...

Hi Angie,

No wonder i saw them busy looking for wines in J8...hee.

Glad that you guys made such good friendship and distance is not matter..

Wow...2011 FRANCE...sounds interesting. Elo & Ced will be busy looking after so many of you... : )


Angie said...

yes, people who value friendship will be able to sustain the friendship regardless of distance and time!

I told Ced about you seeing them in the supermrt. He said exactly the same thing i told you, you shd hv gone up to say hello and they will be more than happy to meet you! :)

Meekfreek said...

I love photo 2. So funny! So this is how French people drink their chateau margeux! LOL!

Wonderful friendship you all have.

Rachel said...

such beautiful friendship! And they are so sweet to give Clement a surpirse Birthday party!