Saturday, February 7

It's Not Easy To Say GOODBYE

快乐的时光总是过得特别快!Now it's time to say BYE BYE. *sob*

As Clement had to attend a function this evening, I brought Jaimie and joined the group at Long Beach Seafood Restaurant (thanks Bernard, for the lift) for the farewell dinner. Clement would meet us at the airport after his function.

Elo and Ced tried to stay cheerful but we could tell that they were just trying to distract themselves from the fact that we were parting soon.

They took out the book which we scribbled on yesterday and asked us to scribble more words. We took their camera and secretly recorded a personal farewell message each. Imagine the surprise when they check their camera!!! :D

As usual, we had a lot of food on the table. I was very busy looking after Jaimie, feeding her and eating my own dinner. Hence I did not manage to take a lot of pictures.

When we were at the departure gate, we were all busy saying goodbyes that we forgot to take pictures!!!! Ced was trying very hard to hold back his tears while Elo was crying and crying. We hugged one another and promised to visit them in France in 2011. Anyway, I gave my necklace which I was wearing to Elo as a farewell gift...
Only when they were about to step into the departure gate, I quickly fished out my camera and snapped some last pictures. Elo (who was carrying a backpack) was still wiping her tears as she walked to the gate.

We waved and waved and waved until we could not see them anymore.

Our next meeting -- 2011. France. Meanwhile, take good care, my dearest friends!!

It's not easy to say goodbye!!!!

3 voices:

Angeline said...

I always cry when I had to send off someone that close, at the airport.

Elo's face really looked like she had facial done with tears...

so nice of you to give her a last-minute gift.

Vivien said...

知己难求! Furthermore, it involves family members as well! Beautiful!

Rachel said...

Separation is never easy..and yeah..its so sweet of you to gave her a farewell gift!