Monday, February 9

Bento #57

Life is all about balances.

Sometimes I take many pictures of one bento, sometimes I took none.

Sometimes I wake up at 5am, sometimes I oversleep till 7am.

Sometimes I eat ultra healthy bentos, sometimes my plate(s) is full of lard.

Today is a balanced bento, which I didn't take any picture of. It's brown rice with a slice of bak kwa.

Life is all about balancing.

For example, if your husband buys a new car, you buy a new (second hand also can) branded bag to balance things out.

10 voices:

Angeline said...

bak kwa and brown rice, what a superb combination!
now, I don't blame you for no photos, cos' it probably looked really dull.

Shana said...

the last sentence IS the essence of the post. Yes Angie, that's the way to have a well-balanced life :D

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, the post is all about that bag right? ;D You deserve to pamper yourself sometimes.

Meekfreek said...

One bag VS a car? How about another bag?

wolfgirl said...

must do a 开幕礼 (opening ceremony) for the car boot----- fill it with full of shopping bags!!!!!!!!!!

BTW what is the car plate number?

What colour is teh car? You must get a pair of new shoes to match the car!

Angie said...

AF, i ALWAYS pamper myself. that IS the problem. oops!

MF, i am waiting for you!!

WG, all done. i went on a spree this afternoon. woohooo~~~!!! 5 pairs of shoes, 5 pcs of clothes, 3 accessories and some cosmetics pdt. how abt that!?

viv said...

wow so you guys got a new car? cant wait to see it..

Joyce Long said...

Brown rice and Bak Kwa taste very nice..these two combinations balanced out..Yes!!! have to pamper deserve after all the hard work in office..Looking fwd to see your new car...and sharing your new shopping spree items..on our upcoming teacher lunch meeting.. ; )

crazymommy said...

Hi Angie, I love how you can always find reasons to pamper yourself. I wish I can be like that too.

Elvina said...

hi angie, i also very envy the way u pamper yrself, but I juz can't bear to spend too much on myself. I always feel guilty for every cent I spent pampering on myself (like going for spa, mani & pedi cure, facial).. I could hv save the $$ for Elvina's future education uses.