Tuesday, February 10

A Very Special Rose

When I was sitting at my desk and getting upset over some issues, somebody knocked on my cubicle. I turned around and saw my ex-student, Bryan, with a stalk of rose in his hands.

"Mrs Ng, I want to thank you for the help you have given me last year when I was re-taking my A levels. I really appreciate it very much. This is my way of saying thank you."

I quickly stood up and received the rose with two hands. And I was very, very touched and happy.

I taught Bryan in 2005. He dropped the subject I was teaching because he could not manage 4 A level subjects. When he sat for the A levels in 2006, he did not do well enough to get to the university. He took the exam again in 2007 and still, he did not make it. Then, with great determination, he re-took the exam in 2008. He was serving NS and he could only study when he was off-duty. Every night, he studied from midnight to 4am. Last year, he texted me and asked me if I could pass him some notes or past year papers on the subject which I taught (and he re-taking it). I dug out all my old files and sent them to him. It wasn't very troublesome but this grateful boy thanked and thanked me. While waiting for his results, he is currently serving as a relief teacher in my school.

This is the beauty of the teaching profession. You know you are doing something worthwhile in your job. You know you are touching and changing lives of the young people. You know you are not just teaching them the subject content but you are shaping their values and moulding their characters. This is why I love my job so much and am very passionate about it.

From Bryan's point of view, I may have motivated him and salvaged him. However, it is students like Bryan who help me to stay focused and motivated, especially when I am feeling frustrated, upset and disillusioned.

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Joyce Long said...

Cheers Up, Angie..I know you are a very dedicated and passionate teacher..can understand how you feel when this student of yours come out to cheer you..must be very touching and brighten your days..

viv said...

thats so sweet... especially from a man of this age... it must really come from his heart!! thumbs up Mrs Ng....

Shana said...

That's what i call a morale boost! U must have feel great receiving the rose :D

LZmommy said...

So sweet of you ex-student.. MOE definitely need more teachers like you who are so dedicated to your job :)

wolfgirl said...

这个年代, 好老师难寻喔。

真为某间学府庆幸,即将有一名好老师加入他们的队伍, 三生有幸!

Lydia said...

Very sweet indeed! I wonder what does a relief teacher do?

I wonder what sweet things your "big boy" would do this Sat.... haha!

Vivien said...

Bryan is such a sweet boy, who appreciates his teacher's effort.

The way/action it touches one will be deeply imprinted in one's mind! Thats how Bryan feel for you Angie!

You are a great teacher.

Angie said...

every sch has diff policies and practices. for our sch, the relief does almost everythg a teacher do (the teaching part, not the admin part).
My "big boy" wont do anything coz we do not celebrate Valentine's day. :) i think in our 15 years of relationship, we probably celebrated V Day for... twice?

Rachel said...

that's so sweet of him! Showing his appreciation to a very caring and dedicated teacher!

ten3001 said...

so sweet! u feel so appreciated right? so motivated to carry on when the going gets tough right? seriously being a teacher is not easy. i definitely dun have the calling for it!


Angeline said...

I would have fought back my tears....(if I were you)
this shows how wonderful a teacher you are!