Thursday, February 26

Bento #68

Bentos made towards the end of the week are usually "fridge clearing bentos". As most of you would have known by now, I am really quite bad at estimating the amount of food to buy and cook. And being a typical kiasu Singaporean, I always buy more "just in case".

I love vegetables, so my bento clears up most of the vegtables in the fridge.

I was eating my bento when I received a text message from MF. She wished me well on this very hectic day in the week of mine. The friendship and warmth really touched me and I felt really, really blessed. :) Thanks, MF!! :))) Shortly after, I went to class with a warm stomach and heart. It feels so good.

I tried to make a sunflower with tamago, french beans and tomoto to cheer Clement up since he was quite sick for 2 days after the sandcastles building session. Unfortunately, I have to tell him I have arranged the food to look like a flower because he couldn't see the pic. Again. Until I told him so.

3 voices:

Meekfreek said...

Awww...sweet of u to mention the glad u survived another Thursday!

Oh no Clement! That'll teach them for making key personnel build sandcastles in the rain! Productivity down! What were they thinking! LOL!

Clement said...

MF, no lah...the real key personnel are those who showed up at the beginning with the provided ponchos over their neat office attires, and then pull a Houdini shortly afterwards.

Me, I'm just a dispensable farmer.

Lydia said...

I've been thinking of you this morning, Angie... then I realised that your 5.5 was yesterday :P