Thursday, February 26

Favourite Colours

For a number of nights now, Jae has added to her pre-bedtime routine this little gesture of sending an imaginary balloon up to the moon. I think she got this idea planted in her from that night a couple of weeks ago when I "threw" an imaginary balloon out of the window after I got tired of the pretend play. My act upset the little one more than I'd anticipated, and sent her into one of her tearful wails. Feeling a little guilt-stricken, I told her that I'd wanted to send the "balloon" as a present to Mister Moon, to tell him that Jaimie had been a good girl deserving of praise. Fortunately, that tale I spun managed to placate her and she went off to sleep happily shortly after.

As she sent her helium-filled gift sailing out of the window tonight, Jae waved and said "Bye-bye, balloon!". I thought it was cute, and went on to ask her what colour the balloon was.

"Red!", said Jae.

"Oh, is red the favourite colour of the Moon?", I asked.

"Moon likes white and red.", she explained. Hmmm...I didn't know the moon favours our national colours.

"So, what are your favourite colours, Jaimie?"

"My favourite colours is pink and orange."

"Are. My favourite colourSSS ARRRE pink and orange.", I intonated meaningfully.

"My favourite colours IS pink and orange.", she insisted. Oh well, another time perhaps.

"Papa's favourite colours are yellow and orange.", I offered.

"No!! You like blue and yellow!", Jae corrected forcefully.

"Ehh? Who told you so?"

"Mmmm....Gong-gong told me.", she said coyly, looking slightly away.

"Is that right? And who told Gong-gong that Papa's favourite colours are blue and yellow?"

No reply this time. I repeated my question and threw in a "Huh?" at the end.

"很凉!", she responded cheekily, pointing at the table fan by the bay window.

Wah. Change topic and language at the same time ah? Ok lah....Papa shall let you off this time. I'd save my sermons on the virtues of honesty for another night.

4 voices:

Angie said...

blue and yellow! the colour of my alma mater's uniform leh.

so she must learn to be "pure and honest"-- the sch motto.

Shana said...

Jaimie loves bright colours, just like her personality, cheerful & sweet :)

Lydia said...

been missing reading little conversations with Jae like this one... she is so cute to change topic just like we adults do when we were "force" to the wall... she is so clever even to switch the language, very cute!

Keep blogging, papa!!

wolfgirl said...

Sending balloons to the moon is such a sweet gesture...she is very imaginative!

And she learning to 'explain' and reason!