Sunday, September 16

Something Important

Jae: I spy with my little eye, something that starts with the letter 'D'. Guess what it is.
Jae: No.
Me: Doll?
Jae: No. It's something important.
Me: Ah. Your pretty pink Dress.
Jae: No. You can be without the dress, but not this!
Me: I know! Daughter! You're the most important, right?
Jae: No. Even more important than that. Without this, there wouldn't be any Daughter.
Me: Would the answer be Daddy?
Jae: Yes! Daddy is the most important of all! *proceeds to draw a picture of me and pastes a tiny sticker next to the image, then shows it to me*
Me: That's wonderful. But I noticed that your other drawing of Mommy has got a much larger sticker on it*
Jae: That's because Mommy has done a better job than you. You play too much on your iPad!
Me: .....*gua gua gua*...

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