Sunday, October 2

Happy Children's Day 2011

Children's Day had always been on the 1st October but from this year onwards, it will be on the first Friday of October. Hmmm... why? I don't know! But it doesn't matter, as long as the children get to celebrate the day which is dedicated to them! Jaimie's Childcare Centre did a big celebration this year! They participated in a carnival which, while letting the children have lots of fun, attempted to break a Guinness record of having the most number of people doing a limbo rock (I can't remember the conditions lah~).

They even had a children's craft auction to raise fund in helping children fight the cancer.

After the carnival and Jaimie's usual classes, we checked in to Intercontinenal Hotel. I won a weekend stay at the hotel in a lucky draw! We decided to claim our prize on Children's Day as a present for Jaimie. Jaimie was thrilled when she entered the room and exclaimed "BEST PRESENT EVER!". Wow.

Jaimie enjoyed the faciliies in the room, played in the bathtub and watched TV till very late at night. I think she was too excited to fall asleep.

The next morning, we had our complimentary buffet breakfast at Olive. The food there was EXCELLENT!
Going for a dip in the pool after breakfast.

After we checked out and went home, Jaimie did her homework and off she went scooting with daddy. She had the BEST children's day, ever! :)

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Shana said...

My family love Staycation too :-)