Thursday, October 27

Deepavali 2011

It all started with an innocent call for a gathering on the upcoming public holiday, which was Deepavali.

Then, it spun into an Indian themed party cum kids' mini concert. Being the usual crazy group of friends who take fun very seriously, we decided to potluck our favourite Indian food, serve teh tarik, put banana leaves on our plates and eat with our fingers for the gathering. We adults were supposed to come up with performance items too.

It was a gathering we very much looked forward to. We have not had a gathering for a long time and the mommies also had a hilarious discussion on the gathering. And my best friend HappyPig would be joining us for the gathering too! Unfortunately Viv and family were caught in the rain when they went cycling in ECP that very afternoon and Jac caught a cold. They couldn't make it to the gathering. What a shame...

We were serious about dressing up. Bindi, fake nose ring, bangles, traditional Indian costume, jasmine flower... somebody suggested putting coconut oil on our hair but the rest of us violently objected to the idea.

As usual, Jaimie thinks she looks super pretty.

We started with the kids' performance. Every child wanted to "go on stage" first. Some tears was shed due to the unhappiness caused by switching of order. I thought this only happened in getai...?

Rain, the very talented athletic, swung her hula hoop continuously for at least 5mins. Wow. We couldn't even manage 5 rounds.

Jaimie did her Waka waka and Chinese Opera with a Bollywood twist.

Cherrlyn the passionate dancer put up 2 lovely dances for us.

The adults were supposed to perform but look at the spread! We were all salivating and couldn't wait to start our feast. Forget about the performance. Let's dig in!!

As Joyce's birthday was last week and Wolf's coming up real soon, we had a little celebration for them. We put candles on the Indian rojak and sang them the birthday song.

The awesome mommies!

The children~ all girls!!

What is a celebration without playing with sparkles? We went to the garden and the kids had fun drawing in the air with their sparkles. Jaimie actually burnt 4 of her tiny fingers during the play but she did not notice the pain until the party was over.

I say this all the time but I must still say it in every post. We are so blessed to have this group of awesome friends! Each and every gathering is loaded with fun and laughter, and we brought home lots of fond memories (and left over food) at each gathering. Love you guys!!

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