Sunday, September 25


It has been a long while that we packed the whole day full of activities! The morning began Clement bringing Jaimie to Jurong Central Park to play her scooter which she got yesterday while I did my grocery shopping in Jurong Point. Then, we met at the McDonald's for a sumptuous breakfast.

After that, we went home. Clement and Jaimie went for a dip in the swimming pool while I spent the hour doing housework. We were all looking forward to the afternoon program -- Mayday 3DNA Movie/ Concert at GV Marina! Clement and I watched it last Friday. We loved the movie/ concert so much that we decided to watch it again and this time, we brought Jaimie along.

Jaimie was super happy to go to the cinema! She might be small but she is a big fan of Mayday, just like her mommy!! Errr.. Jaimie, we need to take another shot. Please point somewhere else...


The audience was taking photos in the cinema before the show began, just like what we usually do before the concert starts. Some people even brought in the trademark blue lightstick into the cinema! Wow!

Jaimie really rocked with the songs! She was singing ALOUD (and I really meant LOUD) and waving her hands in the air while kicking her feet. After the movie, she made 2 comments. (1) the music was too loud (2) please bring her to a real Mayday concert. Dear, it is going to be even LOUDER in a concert! How? And I am not going to pay $168 for your ticket and get you ear plugs.

Dinner at Just Acia. The little girl ordered cheese rice with fried ebi. She ate half the portion and showed me her big and round stomach to convince me that she was very, very full. Then, she ate some ice cream. Hmmm...

Her drawing has improved lately. She added many details to her pictures.
This was Mr Bump (from Little Men) falling off the ladder while trying to repair the chimney. The drawing was dedicated to her daddy.

Mommy gets a princess picture. On the left is Rapanzel and her tower. On the right is Cinderella with her glass slippers... if you can tell it's a glass slipper.

All I can say, is that today is a GREAT DAY!

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