Saturday, June 25

2011 UK Trip -- Before and After 9 years

Cambridge, before.

Cambridge, after.

Munching strawberries in Millet's Farm, before.

Munching strawberries at Millet's Farm, after.

Millet's Farm Entrance, before.

Millet's Farm Entrance, after.

Rows and rows of juicy and sweet strawberries, before.

Rows and rows of juicy and sweet strawberries, after.

The house we used to live in, before.

Now, the whole street is deserted.

Big Ben, before.

Big Ben, after.

Brighton Pier, before.

Brighton Pier, after.

Baby Xaeus.

Xaeus, 9 years old.

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Shana said...

Wierd...u seems to look much younger and more fashionable after 9 years, 你有什么法宝?

Don said...

Great post - I like your 'before' and 'after'.
Yes, Europe doesn't seem to change much. I'm sure here in S'pore, a lot of the shops would have changed.

Idy said...

Ya, you look much much younger now!

Angie said...

that's because i did not cut my hair for more than half a year when i was in UK 9 years ago~~~ and i trimmed my own frindge.looked more suaku then. hahaha!!

Anonymous said...

Clarence said ...

Siang dang nian ..... siang dang nian ...