Friday, May 6

A Very Special Mothers' Day Celebration

Last week, Jaimie came home and urged me to go to her school to attend the Mothers' Day celebration as she was going to perform.

I wasn't very early but early enough to get a seat right in front so that I would have an unobstructed view later. The celebration started with some ice breaking games among the mommies and then the pre-nursery and N1 children came out to present their mommies with their handmade crowns. The N2 students did a very quick song which I didn't pay attention to because I was busy double checking my sometimes-not-very-reliable Nokia phone that it was not throwing a tantrum.

When the K1 students came on stage, I was beaming with pride when I saw my little girl. I thought she was only to do the introduction but to my surprise, she was actually the lead girl in the performance! Oh my god! I was so, so, so proud of her! She spoke well, sang well, and was totally at ease in front of the audience! After the song, she came up to me and "crowned" me.

Shelley couldn't make it to the celebration so I asked Shermaine to join me. She was happy to sit with Jaimie jie-jie.

After the performances and the little games, it's lunch time. It's a potluck party and I brought some cookies. Jaimie played host very well. She showed me where she showered, where she had her meals and even asked me to sit down as she knew I was the guest.

I took off the handmade crown from my head and had a close look. So, she drew a picture of us on the crown...

There were also 2 photo booths were the mommies and daughters took pictured. I think our picture was taken with Jaimie's teacher's camera. We'll wait for her to email us. This is Jaimie and her best friend in school, Denise. 2 lovely brides.

Here's the video of Jaimie's performance.

This event was really very special and I will remember it very dearly. And I am really happy that Jaimie has grown up to be what she is now.

Thank you, my love. You made me a very, very, very happy mommy.

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