Saturday, May 7

Baking Cookies With Mommy

First of all, thank you very much, Shelley, for inviting us to this event!! We had such a good time!!
It's baking with mom with love at Hotel Intercontinental. Cookie baking plus high tea. Double wow!

Here's the chief chef for this session. Jaimie was so super excited to bake cookies and doing it together with her good friend Sera made her even happier.

The "official" photographer's job is to... take photos, of course. :)

The 4 girls. Reminds me of the good times we spent baking together when we were in UK.

Jaimie couldn't wait.

Waiting for instructions.

Chef Frankie doing the demo. Yeah! Let's start!

Ah-ah! What are you eating, girl!

Tossing the cookie dough.

Coating with cornflakes.

Little hands at work.

Little hands helping mommy. Love this bonding time.

The helpful chefs walking around to help us.

I made a conscious effort to let Jaimie do as much as she could.

While the cookies were being sent into the oven, we went for the high tea.

Cookies baked with love. :)))

3 voices:

Shana said...

Looks like FUN!

The Lim Family said...

WOW! Happiness n fun was written across on Jamie's face! Is nice to have such bond n you dun hv to be stress over cleaning up later too!

Aces Family said...

wow, this looks so much fun, next time must share on FB on such cooking class, love to bring my chdren along...haha.