Friday, January 28

Jaimie's 2nd Dance Performance

Jaimie is now doing Theatical Tots "B" dance lessons. There are only 2 students in this class and they were one of the 2 groups of students invited to perform at Suntec City for Chinese New Year on 28th Jan 2011.

Jaimie's favourite part of the "performance" -- face painting~~~~~~

Opening: Singing Chinese New Year songs with the other performers and teachers.

Jaimie and Leah ready to perform while teacher Jenny did a quick introduction of the girls.

All ready!! Music please!!

Ending pose.

The girls' performance, they only had 2 lessons of practice!!!

3 voices:

Shana said...

Jaimie is sooooooooo GOOD!!! She is obviously the leader here! ^_^ Well done!

Chia CC said...

Jaimie is v talented :D So heartwarming to see her dance. You deserve every moment as a proud mum!

levine said...

soo cute!! she is somemore the one leading!