Thursday, January 27

Bento #157-#160

I have been making such simple and repetitive bentos that I feel no need to blog about them individually. So I am making a group entry for these bentos. :D

Bento #157 Egg and ham and cheese sandwich with 4 types of fruits!

Bento #158 Ham and cheese sandwich. Need to cut away the edges so that the sandwich can fit nicely into the sandwich box. Otherwise, you get squashed sandwich, as seen in picture!

Bento #159. Mushroom and chicken wrap again. This time, it's oyster sauce marinated chicken stripes fried with loads of onion. Much better than terriyaki chicken!

Bento #160: Spirals fried in Campbell mushroom soup, with added fresh shiitake mushroom and broccoli. I decided to add some apple cubes to see how it goes. Hmmm.. no value added.

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