Saturday, December 4

Goodbye Miss Sarah

Jaimie has been having a lot of enjoyable dancing lessons at Jody Marshall Dance Company. I can't remember how long has she been with the school exactly but she always looks forward to her lessons.

Miss Sarah is one of Jaimie's dance teachers who saw her through her Theatrical Tots (A) (TTA) exam. I am not sure if it was the TTA preparatory lessons that made Jaimie improved so much in her rhythm and movements, or was it Miss Sarah. Miss Sarah always makes the dance class fun and disciplined. Miss Sarah is also a very talented dancer who can teach tap dancing to jazz to hip hop.

I was wondering how come Miss Sarah has a way with children until I chatted with her and found out that she took up 2 jobs when she was back home, childcare teacher by the day and dance teacher by the night! No wonder she is always able to pacify Jaimie whenever she was in one of her clingy or bad mood! She took 3mths no pay leave from her childcare job and came to Singapore to be a full time dance teacher for a while.

Miss Sarah will be going back to her home country on Monday night. I bought her a little gift to show our appreciation to her. I told her Jaimie has been dancing very confidently under her coaching and that brought me a lot of pride and joy.

Goodbye, Miss Sarah! We really hope you will be able to come to Singapore to give dancing lessons again soon!

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