Saturday, December 4

Birthday Surprise~IPad!!

I found a delivery slip under my door when I came home yesterday. It was from DHL. Hmmm... DHL? Who would have DHL me a parcel? I rang up DHL to arrange for another delivery and I was told it was from "Apple".
Huh? Since when I have a friend called "Apple"? I told Clement about it and he said nothing.
Today, the DHL delivery came again.
So, it's "Apple"!!
And it was a birthday surprise gift from Clement!!

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happypig said...


Angeline said...

*super high five*
Allan bought me an iPad for my birthday present this year too!!!
What a coincidence!

Aces Family said...

wow..angie, you are ONE LUCKY WOMAN...envy!!

Happy Belated birthday and enjoy the Taiwan trip...: )

Angie said...

*high 5* angeline!! heehee!!

astee: bday's not over yet. hahaha!! but thanks! :D

sherlyn said...

Is your birthday over now? If not, Happy Birthday. If yes, Happy Belated Birthday.

Nice hubby gives nice present. :-)