Monday, November 8

Q & A on Sticker Art

Wolfgirl brought Jaimie some sticker art and the little princess was thrilled! She enjoyed putting the stickers on the paper a lot and created a world of her own. This is her garden.
Some FAQs you might have and I have asked Jaimie on your behalf.

Q: Why is there an insect on every house door?
A: The houses belong to the insects.

Q: Why is one of the houses hanging in the air?
A: Because it is a magic house.

Q: Why are there ladybirds on the cloud?
A: They are moving to another place on clouds.

Q: Why is there an earthworm on the cloud with the ladybirds?
A: Because the ladybirds are having a party and there is a 客人来~

Q: Why is this bee upside down?
A: Because it worked so hard that it had fainted.

Q: Why is this frog in mid air?
A: Because it was jumping.

Q: Why is there an ant on the sun?
A: I don't know.

After creating the garden, Jaimie couldn't wait to create her sea world.

It was a simple and fun art!!

Thanks, Wolfgirl!!

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MommyAngel said...

She has a creative and imaginary mind! So cute to see those conversation and her art of work :)

Lydia said...

Oh Angie, Jae's garden, esp. the ladybirds, reminds me of the recent movie I enjoyed watching with my gals again and again! Have Jae watch "Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue" before? If not, do get the DVD for her, she'll love it! :)