Tuesday, November 9

Bento #150

We are continuing with low carbo bento for Clement.
This is easy! Baked terriyaki chicken. Just throw them in the oven loosely wrapped in foil and bake at 180deg for about 1hr. For me, I wake up almost every 2 hours every night so I just have to push them in the oven at the 4am timing. By the time I wake up at 6am (no need to wake up at 5am, YIPEEEE!), the chicken fillet is all done. All I need to do is to open a can of baked bean, cut some capsicum and that's it!
After 2 days of low carbo diet, Clement stepped onto the fat analyser with fat hope. Of course, none of the figures even suggested the slightest dip.
2 daysssssssss only. What you expect!!! You think losing weight is such an easy task, huh!

4 voices:

Lydia said...

haha.. stepping onto the fat analyzer with fat hope, you're funny with your words, Angie! I'm eager to know the final result in a month's time, update us and give us hope so we can try this low C diet too. :)

Katherine said...

I was on low Carbo diet since Sept last year... and it really works.... :) Now I maintain by only avoid carbo at night... :) I remembered I start seeing results just after a week.... ;p
Jia you! :)

Clement said...

Katherine, it's indeed encouraging to hear your testimony. Thanks! 3rd day today. Will press on!

Shana said...

Lol! At least Clement is trying something. My hubby thought that going into the sauna for a few mins is enough to lost weight.. Ya.. That's really FAT hope! 