Wednesday, October 20

Bento #145

It's the exam period now and school is busier than most people think.

Teachers do not shake leg during the exam period. We raced against time to complete our marking, write remarks for ALL our students, tabulate results, doing year end review, propose budget for 2011 etc etc etc. Yes, you read me correctly. If you have 160 students, you have to write 160 comments. On top of that, there's on-going intensive lessons for the graduating classes who have had their prelims earlier on. It's a lot to handle. The only consolation is we can count down the days to December vacation.

Due to the heavy workload during this time of the year, I haven't had much energy to make bento nor try out the lunch punch which I got earlier. :( However, the recent readings Clement obtained from a fat-measuring test kept were definitely not good numbers and I have to help him watch his diet more carefully. Making bento for him is one of the ways to a healthier body. Hence, no matter how tired I am, I will try to make bento as often as I can from now on. For that, dear, I deserve at least another LV bag. Heh heh heh.

Baked chicken wings and cheese tofu bento. Plus my usual favourites of the greens and fruits.
I found a new way to separate the food -- use thin slices of lemon!! First of all, it gives a nice fragrance. Secondly, it adds colour to the bento. Thirdly, it helps to stop my apple cubes from oxidising! I put lemon slices on the baked chicken wings and it gave the chicken wings a hint of citrus! Nice!

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Great tip! Can also use the lemon slice to make ice lemon tea to enjoy after eating your bento. 

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