Wednesday, September 8

Jaimie Is Going To Read

We have been wanting to sign Jaimie up for the "I Can Read" and since she is now 4.5yo, we think this might be a good time to start her on the literacy program.

I booked an appointment with one of the centres to go for a pre-test so that the teachers can put her in an appropriate program based on her ability and background knowledge.

The assessment began the moment we went inside the room. The teacher spoke to Jaimie, asked her for her name, birthday etc and asked Jaimie to read out the letters randomly on a poster. Then, she was asked to name some of the objects on the poster and then she was asked to pronounce some first sounds. Jaimie could do all of that, to my surprise!! After that, the teacher gave Jaimie some random sounds and asked her to break it down. Jaimie was not very good at that. She could only blend 3 sounds and most of them were only close. She did get one out of 7 correct, though! :D

The teacher put her in the PRP level and commented that she has relatively good knowledge of phonics. He also commented that Jaimie might be able to move on to the next level by early next year! He was also surprised that Jaimie could speak English very well although we primarily speak in Mandarin at home.

I was so proud of Jaimie and was beaming with pride~~ however, Jaimie needs to learn to sit down in the class. She keeps walking around the classroom when I was talking to the teacher. :( That was noted down too as it was part of the assessment of the child.

Well done, Jaimie!! I hope that with the program, Jaimie will be able to read on her own soon! Reading is the door to the world of knowledge! (p/s: then she will not bother us anymore when she can read independently. Heh heh heh. Opps!)

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Sorry, 借了你的post。今天我在Jurong Point跟你擦肩而過。:-)

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I wanted to sign up Vince too but he is already attending two enrichment classes liao!

Too many interesting classes, too little money!


看到那隻小青蛙就好想吃Dragon roll和 Okonomiyaki。。。

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