Wednesday, May 12

Training For SAFRA Run 2010 (5)

I went to Suntec yesterday to exchange for a tshirt size but the shop was temporary closed for a salesperson's short break. I walked a few steps and saw Auntie Anne's. A healthy pretzel and a cup of cool lemonade should be good for tea while I wait for the salesperson's return. Then, I saw something which I think is a sign from ... wherever. Gelare is RIGHT beside Auntie Anne's! GOSH! And Tuesday is Waffle Day @ Gelare!

I was literally having a debate within myself and torn between the 2 shops. It is happiness vs discipline. At this very moment, I received my BFF's message and she told me the good news that the garmen is not going to reduce the MT weightage at PSLE! That calls for a celebration! So I asked her where should I hold my presonal celebration. In case some of you do not know, she is in this weight loss competition with me. My BFF, who was sending me messages while working out on a stepping machine, told me to go for BOTH because it was such a happy news!

I happily walked into her "trap" and ordered myself a waffle with my favourite cookie and cream. I was rational enough to ask for no whipped cream and no syrup to minimise the sinfulness.

Happiness is induldging in waffle ice cream and a funny book.

My very nice colleague, Yanya, baked this yummy yummy cupcake for a few of us today. I am just posting this because I do not know where else to document it. Hahaha~~

Anyway, I decided that I must burn off some of the calories I consumed. I ran 10km on the threadmill again at an average speed of 8.3km/h. It burns off 550calories. For your info, I had to run 6km to burn off 300 calories-- the amt in a cup of avocado milkshake.

I read this in a friend's FB status: "If only mosquitoes suck fat...". I so like it.

3 voices:

levine Tay said...

Yo! You really looks and is very slim ley! Where got soooo much fats to be "suck" out...? :D

Meekfreek said...

Holy crap! 6km to burn off an avocado milkshake? No wonder I'm getting so fat. Am back on TTR btw. 8.3km/hr is quite fast. You have good stamina.

wolfgirl said...

Erhh I wanted to write to the Presidents of Zimbabwe, Namibia or any other African nations to ask them whether they need fats donation. If you can tranfuse blood.. I think can transfuse fats right??