Friday, May 14

Do You Want To Visit Taiwan? YES WE DO!

Clement and I were walking around Suntec City this evening after a good dinner at Imperial Treasure, enjoying our regular couple time every Friday evening when we walked past a wedding photo booth right opposite the Duck Tour counter.

We were talking about my upcoming Taiwan trip and remembering the wonderful moments in our previous Taipei trip when somebody approached us with a brochure with the opening statement "Do you want to visit Taiwan? We give free accomodation and free air tickets."


So it was a wedding photo studio working together with Taiwan Tourism Board to promote "Visit Taiwan 2010". But we have taken our wedding pictures 12 years ago~?

Take family pictures then!

We thought the deal was fantastic. We get 20 outdoor photos (5R) in an album, a 16" (I think?) photo with frame, 3 changes in outfit plus makeup and hairdo including Jaimie's, 2 nights' stay in a hotel and 3 air tickets to Taipei. No time limitation. Just email them 1.5mths in advance to book the dates. For a very special weekday late night price of $2000.

They will be there till this weekend.

Do you want to visit Taiwan?

YES WE DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Levine Tay said...

wow!! its very worth it! ;) enjoy yr taiwan!