Sunday, April 18

MayDay World Tour 2010 Unlimited Edition 17th April 2010

Last August, we attended the MayDay DNA Concert in the Singapore Indoor Stadium. They were here again yesterday, 17th April 2010, in the National Stadium with the 2010 Umlimited Edition of the concert!

The weather had not been too good recently. While preparing ponchos and bringing a plastic bag to keep my camera and handphone in case of bad weather, we were also praying very hard that the late afternoon thunderstorm would stop soon. We were not the only ones. We saw these Teru Teru Bozu hung on the railing outside the National Stadium. True enough, we were blessed with a clear night for a dazzling concert!

From left: Yen Ping (not me!), my sister in law Ee Ping and me.

Waiting for the concert to begin!

The 9m transformer robot!

This concert was very similar to the one we attended last year. Afterall, they are the same concert.

I enjoyed myself thoroughly. There are pros and cons of being in the front rows. We were not at the centre front and we couldn't see the entire stage very well. And because we were so near, we had to strain our neck to look up to the screens (with lyrics...) which were right above our head. We couldn't see the entire fireworks too. However, it feels so good to be so front and close to the stage!

I cannot wait for their next concert already...!!!

4 voices:

wolfgirl said...

arghhhhhhhhhhhh! I am excited seeingyour photos laready. Imagine you experiencing it live!!

wahhhhhhhhhhhh. I am sure the after-effects will last some time..

Angie said...

let's go together in their next concert!!!!! my photos cannot even tell you 10% of the atmosphere!!!

Anonymous said...

After looking at the photo then I realized that we were both wearing the kitty T-shirt, one black one white. nice... :)


Anonymous said...

oh woah lao shi u had the front row seat!! i brought the student ticket one and people were not as 'high'as the people on the field. so it seems like im the only crazy one there. haha. but nonetheless it was a wonderful concert!!