Thursday, March 4

Jaimie's Beautifully Tied Hair

When I saw Jaimie in the evening, I couldn't help but exclaimed that her hair was so beautifully tied up by her teacher, Zhang Laoshi, in the childcare centre!
You see, I only had long hair for not more than 5 years in my life so far and I have no intention to keep them long in the future. Hence I am hopeless when it comes to hairdressing. The best I can do it to somewhat divide the hair into half and tie them up behind the head. French plaits? Oh, it's easier to ask me to climb Mt Everest. Don't ask me to learn too because it is going to be literally painful for Jaimie, and for me.
Jaimie looks so pretty today. :)

5 voices:

LZmommy said...

Wah! The teacher so nice to tie her hair for her and she looks good! :)

Haha... U funny la! Compare it to climbing Mt Everest :)

viv said...

she sure looks neat!!

BS said...

haha, i'm hopeless with tying hair too though my long hair (actually only slight longer than shoulder-length lah) "record" was about 5 years or 6 years. My JC schoolmate everylittleblessing is a real expert with tying her girls hair! luckily my girl enjoys haircut VERY MUCH :)

Meekfreek said...

She does look very pretty with her hair all done up like that. I'm sure you can learn how to do it ;)

Joyce Long said...

Wah..very pretty Jae..her teacher is so sweet to tie hair for her...i can tie it for cherrlyn but simply to lazy and longer most of the see her with two pony tails..