Wednesday, March 3

Bento #109

I am simply too tired to come up with new bento designs. I am posting this just to prove that yes I am still making bentos but they are repeat/ boring ones so there's no big deal.

I need some motivation to create new bento designs... maybe I need more new bento boxes?

Oh, by the way, have you tried sugar prunes? They are delicious!!!

6 voices:

Anonymous said...

Hello! How about some links to bento making for some bento inspirations? :)
Here are some of my fav. bento blogs/flickr!

Shereen (:

Angie said...

thanks!!:D that's great!

Levine said...

Angie- maybe more new tools too! :D

sherlyn said...

Go find 喜洋洋tools?:-)

sherlyn said...

oh by the way, do you know abt this website on bento - ? Bet you do, since u are at this "line" for 2 yrs :)

LZmommy said...

Visiting website is a good choice :) For me, I just have to ask my 2 older ones for ideas ;)

They are nice? Hub bought one quite some time ago and none of us want to try it. :p Will try it then :)