Tuesday, February 16

Random Pictures Of Jaimie @Sch and @Play

Jaimie's teacher happened to be bringing the class to the playground behind the school when I wanted to fetch Jaimie home the other day. The girl requested me to wait for her to finish her playtime with her friends so I took these pictures while I was waiting for her. That is quite a rare opportunity for me to take photos of her @school!

Too nice a weather to stay indoors so we were off to Lot One Roof Top Garden to play at the water playground!

Sakae Sushi (again) after play. Jaimie helped herself to menu on the computer. The waitress who was serving us tea looked at Jaimie with her jaws dropped. Jaimie is now an expert with ordering food in Sakae Sushi.

3 voices:

Elizabeth & Kenise said...

She very IT savvy and in another yr or 2 she might be msn or facebook wif her frenz liao.

wolfgirl said...

I like her CCC T shirt; Let the Children Play... wow.

Angie said...

WG, it's "Let the children come". :)