Thursday, February 4

Papa's Birthday (Oh, Really?)

Today is Clement's birthday. The celebration began yesterday evening when I bought him a little blueberry cheese cake with one little candle (fyi, i ate HALF the cake). I didn't buy him any presents or brought him to any good restaurants. The little cake was all I got for him. OOPS!

But Jaimie was more excited about the cake then Clement. She "offered" to blow his candle. Before the birthday man (cannot say birthday "boy"...) could say anything, she huffed and she puffed and she blew off the candle. Now whose birthday is it?!
Clement wanted a date with her girl on his birthday (Read: babysit). I could not take leave today because I had urgent work to do and so Jaimie was more than happy to skip school and went dating with her daddy. Clement brought her to West Coast Park and she had the whole playground to herself.
Apparently, they went for kite-flying too! Jaimie requested for kite flying last weekend but we were too tired to bring her to WCP then. So her wish was full filled on her daddy's birthday! Now, whose birthday is it?

After WCP, the couple went to IMM for more playground and lunch. They had a good lunch at Swensens with 1-for-1 main course and free ice cream for the birthday customer.
Errr... why is Jaimie blowing the candle again?

I kind of missed out on Clement's birthday today and didn't spend the day with him. In fact, I only reached home at around 5.30pm. We went for dinner with his parents and that's it. In the evening, he babysitted Jaimie while I *ahem* surf net and cleared some marking.

Happy Birthday, Dear!

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Meekfreek said...

Happy Birthday Clement!

Jacky said...

Hey! Happy Birthday Clement!
May happiness and joy be with you and family always!!!

absolutfaith said...

Happy birthday Clement.

Angie, I think just looking at Jaimie's happy face is good enough a present for him =)

Joyce Long said...

happy belated brithday Clement. We wish you and family happiness always.

BS said...

it's the thought that counts. The free ice cream looks very presentable, now I know where to bring my boy on his birthday. But may need to order another similar set so his sister won't fight over blowing the candle. Young kids just like to be the one. :)

Angeline said...

*giggle* I think Clement totally enjoyed his Birthday with his little girl (even though without his beloved wife). *giggle*

Happy Belated Birthday Clement!

Idy said...

Happy belated birthday, Clement!