Tuesday, February 2

Bento #107

My Mayday buddy YH came back for her summer break and bought me this unique and oh-so-prettyyyyyyy bento box! I am using it as my fruit box for today's bento.

I made 3 simple bentos for my dept colleagues. They have been so nice to me since I joined the new school. This is just my way of showing appreciation and building friendship.

Last but not least, this is for Clement. Lots of fruits to start off the day healthily. I always love the contrasting colours in the fruit platter.

5 voices:

Shana said...

yes, must eat healthyly so that we can help ourselves with all the CNY goodies without any guilt! ^_^

harriet aka 晴 said...

a very big thank you to angie:)

So grateful to have a lovely colleague.:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Angie

Can I know where you go the Melody lunch box? Thanks!

Angie said...

hi orientalval,

the lunchbox has 4 of the same kind - hello kitty, pooh bear, cinnamonroll (that white dog...) and melody. my melody is not available in spore when i bought the other 3, which are quite easily available in hello kitty shops. my friend Shana got for me from an online bulk purchase. if you are interested, you can buy it on those online shops.

Anonymous said...

Hey Angie,
thanks for the infor!
Will check them out.