Tuesday, September 8

It's All About Food and Play

Viv actually wanted to organise a picnic @ Botanic Garden but it was rainning so heavily in the morning that we decided the lawn would be too damp for a good picnic. Hence we changed the venue to Viv's lovely house.

We each brought some food. I made fried udon, sausages, quail eggs and sandwiches. Look at the spread! Viv's cold dessert (barley and ginko nuts with beancurd skin) was *muack*!!!

The children had their own dining table and socialization.

Ezra: Where is RR and Cherrlyn?
Jaimie: Dont know. Dont care. The quail egg is yummy. Hmmm...

Cherrlyn: YEAH!! I got myself a bowl of sandwiches!! i love to eat sandwiches!

Jaimie: Aiyoh, so much good food and you only eat sandwiches? Ezra, what are you eating?

Ezra: Let me see... kong ba bao.

Ezra: Fried bee hoon.

Cherrlyn: The sandwich is nice...
Jaimie: *yawn* Boring...

WG: Rain, if you dont join them, they are going to finish up all the food and left nothing for you.

All: Yes, nothing for you.

Jaimie: COME COME!!

Ooops! Nothing much left. I told you to join in the feast just now! Eh? Where are the adults?

Ohhh.. playing Taboo again. They laughed so hard and loud... must be someone said something funny, like "A place where small stalls are set up...." and aunty Viv said "Pasar malam". HELLO!!! This is not the Singapore version of Taboo lor!

We all had so much fun that we didn't realise it was past the children's bed time. And the children themselves begged to stay for a while more!!!

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Joyce Long said...

So fun on that day...

Lydia said...

Super like Jae's "HEAVEN!!" pose, lol. Ahh... i miss Rain!! She seems to have shed her baby fats hor? And with earrings? wow!