Friday, September 4

A Celebrity's Meeting

Meeting and dressing with a theme has already became a tradition among the 4 of us. We teachers must meet on Teachers' Day to give ourselves a nice treat. Since I went for a live telecast in Good Morning Singapore in the morning, the theme of our September meet up is: Celebrity.

Notice that one of the regulars was missing. She needed to go to David Gan to get her hair done as she was meeting someone really, really important in the Istana. So while she was enjoying the company of the rich and famous, we had lunch at Paris. Pardon me, it's Pariss.

As usual we had a fantastic gathering and chatting session. I absolutely enjoy being with Viv, Joyce and WG as we could talk about anything and everything.

Viv brought for us a "Teachers' Survival Kit". Let me recall the items:

(1) toothpick -- to pick out the child's good points

(2) eraser -- to erase away the pain on the child

(3) bath salt- we teachers deserve a good break too

(4) bandage -- to heal the child when he is hurt

(5) tissue -- to wipe away the child's tears

(6) Kisses chocolate -- give kisses to your child

Errr.. there are some more but I cannot remember off hand. It was a very meaningful and thoughtful gift. Thanks, Viv, for reminding us why we chose this profession!

While we were having lunch, Viv was struggling to read the book and she was surprised to find her name in my dedication list and bento number 26. She was elated.

We planned to meet for a badminton session next week but September holiday isn't really much of a holiday for most of us. So we'll have to wait for the next gathering!

7 voices:

LZmommy said...

Happy Teacher's Day to you & your friends :)

viv said...

haha always enjoyed reading your blog... it was very good to meet up & talk endless stuff...

oh i must tell you...i started reading your book... finished 5 stories liao! enjoing every bit of it..

Blessed mum said...

Happy Teacher's Day to you!

Joyce Long said...

An enjoyable lunch date company that we have never ending stories....wish we can stay longer that day..

wolfgirl said...

The bucket represents the full bucket of love and passion for our vocation?

Very nice of Viv. Very meaningful too...It takes a teacher to know the pains of another teacher.

viv said...

most welcome Wolf.. your bucket of love is still with me...

Lydia said...

Viv's Bucket of Love is so thoughtful! And I miss WG! :P