Monday, June 22

Term 1 Schchida Class

Jaimie has completed one term in Schchida. How developed is her right brain? We have no idea and we didn't really bother. The important thing is, she enjoys the class activities very much!

For a term of 12 lessons, most of the time it was Clement who accompanied her while I sat in MacDonalds to do my marking. Since it is the June vacation now, I gave Daddy a break. We are not supposed to take pictures during class but this mommy here does not like to observe rules! Heh heh heh.

Jaimie waiting for her classmates to join in the class.

That's teacher Aishah. Imagination and play time.
The kids had a Red Indian headband tied to their head and given meat made of paper to skewer at the paper fire.

Having an indoor imaginary BBQ.

Flashcard time.
Fine motor skills training.
Each child was given a tong and asked to pick up the litter using the tong and put into the bin. Every child did what was being told except our little friend. She was so eager to "pick up the litter" for her beloved teacher Aishah that she picked up one ball of newspaper with the tong while using the other hand to pick up 4 balls of newspaper so that she can clear up the place faster.

Seeing that Jaimie enjoys herself so much in the classroom activities, we have signed Jaimie up for another term in Schchida. We want her to enjoy learning!

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stardust said...

Actually is not surprising that our children enjoys learning at class, especially with parental company. When such classes get more academic and require tests, then it may cause stress to them and us! ;p

For Vince, he enjoys doing pre-school workbooks so much that I actually bring some out to let him do so that he can sit still during meal gatherings. Other people see this may think I am so kiasu.

Rachel said...

hahaha...she sure knows how to multi-task!

btw, how to clever mommy take sp many pictures when its prohibited? :P

Lydia said...

Jaimie will make a good and efficient worker... her wanting to clear up the place faster by using the other hand is very impressive~

I'm just like you, Angie... I took photo when it was not allowed in my girl's class/QB house, heh heh heh... lol!