Thursday, June 25

I Have A Dream...

I have a dream, a song to sing
To help me cope with anything
If you see the wonder of a fairy tale
You can take the future even if you fail
I believe in angels
Something good in everything I see
I believe in angels
When I know the time is right for me
I'll cross the stream - I have a dream
I have a dream, a fantasy
To help me through reality
And my destination makes it worth the while
Pushing through the darkness still another mile
I believe in angels
Something good in everything I see

This is the song which the Abba/ Mama Mia fans will know.

I have a dream too.

My dream is to publish a book of my own.

And it is going to materialise soon!

Writing has always been my passion (in Chinese..lah). Clement used to keep my articles published on the newspapers. When he showed me the folder he used to keep the articles, a thought crossed my mind -- how wonderful if it wasn't a plastic folder but a book! From then on, I begin to dream of having a book of my own.

However, "becoming an author" is something out of this world for me. It seems too big, too distant, too intangible for me. How on earth, a nobody like myself, can publish a book and see them on the bookshelves of Popular and Kinokuniya? I dreamed about it and talked about it but I never really think I will ever, ever do it.

Those who knew what happened to me early this year knew that it was quite a difficult time for me. Part of my world was quite shattered and filled with darkness and fear. It was in these difficult times that I thought to myself "I AM going to realise my dream. I will prove to myself that nothing is too big to dream for! I want to assure myself that I am capable of realising my dreams!"

After that, I thought about it seriously and put my thoughts into action.

Yes. I just met my publisher friend this afternoon. He is helping me to bind my dreams into a book.

And I have another dream too! This is not possible if not for MayDay. I found so much strength and inspirations from their songs. In my darkest days, I couldn't control my tears when I listened to their songs like 《出头天》、《我心中尚未崩坏的地方》. It felt like they were singing to me and understood exactly, EXACTLY how I felt then. It gave me so much comfort in those turbulant times. I asked my publisher friend to get the books ready before 29 August 2009, which is their concert in Singapore. I am going to find my way to present them with my book and to thank them for their music which lifted me up. Yes. I am going to do it.

Nothing big is going to come out of this dream of mine, seriously. I am not going to be the next best seller author in Singapore nor I am going to be rich and famous. In fact, I will be a few thousand dollars poorer for publishing a Chinese book in Singapore because of the pathetic market.

However, it is really my way to keep myself going and fighting. It is my way to give Jaimie a gift. It is my way to say thank you to all my loved ones. It is a way for me to say to my friends, I appreciate all of you so much.

I shall not reveal the contents of the book as yet but I will reveal part of the list of people whom I dedicate the book to! It is a long list, because it is probably going to be the one and only book I am going to write! Hahaha~~

Not in any particular order:
Yeow Seng & Shelley
Bernard & Dawn
Terry & Pam
Raymond & Janice
Cedric and Elodie (yes, I know they are French)

For my "UK gang", the greatest, greatest gift in my life, besides my family, is ALL OF YOU!!. I LOVE YOU ALL!!

For my forum-friends-who-become-great-friends-in-life, thank you!! Thank you for EVERYTHING!

For LZMommy, you may not know how much you have inspired me!

I could not write my personal messages to you all in the book so I write them over here in my blog.

I will keep everybody updated on the status of the publication, rather, my dream!

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dawn said...

I teared after reading your feelings and thoughts.... :D

Anonymous said...

Congrats Angie! I want a copy also, can you send to Aust? haha

pam said...

Tks, Angie. Felt so honoured to have a book dedicated to us. The times we shared in UK will always have a special place in my heart. Really admired your courage to realise your dream, so happy for you and i can't wait to read your book!

viv said...

WOW!! I am speechless!! such a figther i see in my dear friend!! reading this post bring tears to my eyes!!

I am so happy for you my friend!! Yes you can & DID it!!

although i cant read chinese but will definately grab your book!! wow my 1st writer friend!! way to go!!

Meekfreek said...

Set out each day believing in your dreams. Know without a doubt that you were made for amazing things!

My dear friend, you are an inspiration to us all. Keep believing and keep fighting. I know you will triumph and this book is just a start!

Errr...can ask your publisher to do an English version too?

lovelyloey said...


I want an autographed copy, can? Heh heh.

Anonymous said...

Wow... Congrats! Reading this post gave me goosebumps, literally! In a good way lah. I will definitely buy your book, and (depending on the topic) I'll get them for my friends too!

Hm... I've thought of writing too hehe, but the only "book" I've done was my Honours thesis and it's sitting in the NUS library.

YL said...

Yup! I will support you in ANY WAYS!!Not sure what happened to you but whatever it is,it'll soon be over.That applies to any events in our lives.Take care!

詩 said...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! This is really great and my wish for you that this leads to greater things down the literacy path!

hugs and kisses,

wolfgirl said...

Yes, I would like autographed copies too.

When our kids are older, we can use your book for our Chinese reading club.

You are really an inspiration to many of us.. and many of me (the split personality me).

Just to spite everyone here... haha.. I already know the content! hehehe

Peirong said...


you definitely have my fullest support!

i hope you'll find success in the publication of ur new book and ill definitely buy it!(:

all the best! FIGHTING!(:

THIS IS MY BLOG (: said...

wa.. 老师!!
envious leh!
i'll give u my fullest support!

huiyi said...

Congratultions laoshi!!!!
Great to hear that ur heading towards ur dream soon!!!!
u'll definitely hv my full support!!! :)

Kang Min said...


Angie said...

thank you, everybody!! I am so touched by all your comments!

sandra: no problem!

pam and dawn, the honor is mine. i am so blessed to have you as my friends.

WG,MF,AF,Viv: i am always so thankful for the wonderful friendship we share!

YL: many thanks!!!:D

lovelyloey: may your dreams come true too! i know we share the same dream!

Eeping: thanks!! you are a wonderful sister in law!

shi, PR, Chun, Huiyi and Kangmin: thanks, thanks and thanks!

CONS said...

laoshi! 加油!我支持你!(:

LZmommy said...

Wow! Angie! I am so honored that I am one of the person that you dedicated the book to :) Thank you so much! :)

Yes! Please keep us updated. I will definitely buy a copy. OH! You should held a autograph session too ;) I would love to meet you in person. Yeah! I have a writer friend that I can brag abt. Hehehe...

Anonymous said...

how come you didn't dedicate to happypig?

Angie said...

Jane, it wld be a pleasure to meet you in person too!

anon, this is not the complete list, dont worry.

Angie said...

cons, thank you!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Really want to get a copy & read the contents. Make me looking forward for the day. Update us asap where we can get the book.

Oh ya, I want an autograpgh too...plssss???

Calvin said...

You have my fullest support and I am sure you will realised this dream and also enjoy the fruits of your hard work!!!!! =)

Joyce Long said...

Hi Angie, feel so touched..honoured to see my name on those whom you wished to decidate your newly coming up book. Honestly, I admire you to pen down your is not without dreams is meaningless..after reading your post I admired your encourages...and when I read clement file your newsapaper articles..I felt so happy for your that he cherised every pcs of yr work. Can't wait to buy your masterpcs..and shared this with CS too...

stardust said...

Congrats! Dreams are good to have to keep us working towards our goals. Keep them coming!

totoro12 said...

Hi Angie

Really admire you for your dynamism. You are a great inspiration! Hope to get a copy when your book is out. :)

Aces Family said...

wow Angie,

A Dream is coming true for you and i know many more Dreams will come true for you .. : )

All the best and please give Friendly Discount hor...thanks


依妏 said...



Jovan said...

its not a dream anymore.

jia you laoshi.

Angeline said...

Oh my! This is freakingly cool!
You won't believe it!
I had a brief moment before, a belief that you WOULD publish your own book!!!
and NOW you are saying it!

*I'm so glad I didn't miss this post!

Jocelyn said...

I'm so touched when I read that Clement have been cutting out and keep your articles...

Do keep us updated when the book is out, I'll go and grab out one before it runs out of stock... :)

Lydia said...

Yes, dreams DO come true. Sometimes it needs lots of money, though. CONGRATS! Yay! You did it!!

I admire your courage to dream big and your determination to put it into action. :)

csb said...

Hi Yanping, followed the link from Clement's FB info page... and what a surprise! Gong xi gong xi! Wishing you good progress on the publication! Do keep us informed when the auspicious day arrives!!!

Angie said...

hi SB!

What a surprise! Thanks for visiting! I will update you, which is going to be soon~ i think! :D

Grace said...

Angie, omg!! i am so genuinely happy for you!!! i can only imagine how thrilled you are, and that has filled me with quite a bit of inspiration.

i hope the coming months of writing will only bring you continued success, happiness and true love ... if you still have the dream to write more, you should definitely do that. maybe ... this 1st book is just one of your “small projects”, eh?

Congratulations my dear!

Angie said...

thank you very much, grace! *hugs*