Friday, June 19

Our Trip To Genting and Malacca 15-18th June 09

This is the driver of the 1.5mth old Suzuki SX4 who claimed to be suffering from writer's block indefinitely.
This is the family which went to Genting and Malacca in the SX4.
These are the daddies/ chauffeurs. From left, Nic (code: 995), YS (code: 407), Clement (code: 445) who convoyed and used walkie talkies to tell jokes to keep themselves awake during the long drive.

These are the mommies. From left: mommy of Ayden, mommy of Sera and Shermaine, and mommy of Jaimie.

These are the toddlers who enjoyed themselves tremendously.

This is the baby who is waiting to join in the fun with gor gor and jie-jies.

This is the group.

This is the famous beef noodles in Tengkak where we had lunch on our way to Genting. The beef noodles was YUMMILIOUS.

That was us having our breakfast in the hotel before we set off for the theme park. Our hotel package did not include breakfasts but the blur staff gave us breakfast coupons. Thank you very much!

That's the children anxiously taking their heights to ensure that they were eligible for most rides in the theme park. Well, even the shortest among them was more than 90cm so we had to purchase tickets for them now.

That's us having fun in the rides. This time, we ventured the indoor theme park before we proceeded to the outdoor one.

This is Jaimie enjoying rounds and rounds of rides in the kiddy ride land.

That's Jaimie putting her finger in an inappropriate place.

That's us replenishing our energy.

That's us enjoying ourselves in the arcade before we left Genting on the 3rd day.

That is a must-have shot of us with the Genting logo.

Nic and family didn't join us for Malacca.
By the time we reached the hotel in Malacca, we were all famished and it was evening time. We walked over to Makota to have a buffet dinner and stuffed our face full with tappanyakki. The 2 girls started to go wild after dinner.

It has an hour's break for the mommies. Shelley and I wasted no time in shopping around. YS brought Shermaine back to the hotel to rest while Clement babysitted 2 princesses for an hour. The best place to keep them happy and occupied would definitely be the arcade!

That's the 2 princesses. Sera asked how come she was not the queen while Jaimie was happy to be a princess.
That's us taking a picture outside the hotel. It rained in the morning but thankfully it stopped by the time we went down for our breakfast. Jaimie was still in her "princess mode".

That's the night view from our room. We didn't see any of Malacca except the 2 shopping malls nearest to our hotel. What a shame. So this picture is very... representative!
That's us taking some pictures in our room. YS booked the more luxurious room at a promotional rate. The rooms were indeed very spacious and cosy (except there were lizards running around in the balcony. Of course we kept the glass doors tightly shut).

That's the girls enjoying MORE rides while the mommies went for MORE shopping. Thank god for the marvellous invention of kiddy rides!

That's the not-nice chendol we had in the shopping mall. We must eat chendol in Malacca so anyhow ordered from one of the shops. It was a mistake. We should have insisted on the famous durian chendol in that I-cannot-remember-what's-the-name-of-that-famous-shop.

After some final shopping, we had lunch at a Hong Kong cafe before we "chiong" all the way back to Singapore.
The children had so much fun together and the daddies had fun driving (something which the mommies could not understand). It was a GREAT trip! We sure hope to travel with the Chuah and the Lee family again!!! Till the next trip, byebye!

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Shana said...

It's great to go on a holiday with some kakis, esp if they have older kids to help u entertain Jaimie!

(btw, shouldn't u have waited and buy your kebaya in Malacca instead like Joyce?)

Aces Family said...

hi Angie,

Wow..very nice driving hldy...did u guys rent the car?

Anthea saw the theme park photos and said that we must go too..: P


Sheue Tyng said...


Looks like you have enjoyed your trip! is the shopping in Malacca good?

Rachel said...

We just came back from M'sia too!!

Its great to go in groups..the kids got more kakis to play with!

wolfgirl said...

wow... you guys sure had great fun!

I must improve my driving and make my sis get her license...THen we must arrange one trip together too!

Jaimie looks so pretty with her two ponytais at her sides.. very 淑女。

Is the SX4 able to match Clement's requirements for a long drive?

Angie said...

Shana, i found out from meekfreek that the choices in malacca for kabaya wasnt that great, which was true! and the price is about the same as Spore... Katong has a better selection.

Astee, no, it's our own car. :)

ST, shopping is just ok... shop for fun kind. if you seriously wanna buy stuff, malacca is not the place.

Michelle, YA! the kids all went wild!!

WG, the SX4 is NOT as fuel economy as our previous cars. otherwise, everythg is ok lah.

Joyce Long said... much fun..really great to see you guys enjoys to the fullest for this holiday season. Jae looks very pretty here. I like her new doll sweet...

Lydia said...

Hey Angie, I haven't been commenting though I still read your blog... probably just plain laziness(like someone whom you thought was suffering from writer's block indefinitely, hehe)

I like your "This and That" style! Really~

I like the pic of "Jaimie putting her finger in an inappropriate place", too cute!

Glad that you guys had a great trip :)

Lydia said...

Oh Angie, wanted to say thanks for visiting my blog sometimes ago... Just wondering do you usually "check" that email follow-up comments? Maybe I'll reply your comment through email lah... :)

Angie said...

hi lydia,

it depends... so it'll be good to ... ahem... email me the comment as well as leaving in your blog so that you can have a record of our exchanges! :)

Lydia said...

alrighty, angie :)