Friday, June 19

Fun Among The Clouds

Kena suan for not contributing to the blog already. I shan't put forth any excuses for myself. Writer's block? More like plain and simple laziness. Ok, since I've got lots of pics from the trip, I'd put up a photo post here. Saves me the trouble to compose lengthy prose, too.

Yes, I know. I'm still lazy.

Psst! There's a strange boy looking at us. Uh-oh. He's coming towards us!

Yeeks! He flashed me!

Hmmph! Why do we have to hold hands?

On the other hand, I'm not complaining if that other hand belongs to a good-looking boy.

Who wants to go to the theme park?

Better put on some facial protection cream before heading outdoors.

The carousel princesses.

This pic was taken in Jun 08. [Note to readers: Yes...Jae was then sporting the look from VU Salon]

One year later. Same place. Same pose.

Look Ma. I can juuuuuump!

Like I've always told you: Kiang tio ho. Mai geh-kiang!

This spinning thingy is making me giddy!

Time for a thirst quencher!

RM30 at the arcade got me 191 tickets. 191 tickets got me just these measely whistle and pen?

It's the flasher boy again. Hurry, cover your eyes!

My Mama says, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. I like doctors. They give me sweets.

Genting had been fun. Melacca isn't too bad either!

Mei-mei, you can play with the big girls when you become one yourself. Now get back onto your stroller.

We can share this pogo stick, ok?

All this monkeying around is making us sleepy...

...Reeeeaaaallly sleeeeepy.

Well, it had certainly been a fun trip.

I'm sure we'd be back again soon. Until then, byebye!

5 voices:

wolfgirl said...

Cute captions. Hahaha...

Jaimie is getting prettier and prettier..

Meekfreek said...

I love Jaimie's hair...yes, agree with WG...she's getting prettier every day and looking more and more like Mummy.

Mama Tang said...

Nice pictures.

Oh Jaimie is getting prettier.

Beautiful Love said...

Pictures says it all..bright, cheery, fun!

Lydia said...

That "Reeeeaaaallly sleeeeepy" pic was too funny... wonder what did you do to make them pose that way...

Clever collages with Jae's signature pose(cute) and all the byes' poses!

I like Jae's pig tails!!! :)