Tuesday, June 2

Moonlight Sonata

I took these pictures quite some time back but I forgot to blog about them.

One particular night at about 2am, when Clement was still couching in front of the TV and I just finished MSN-ing with my friends from overseas, I came into my room and saw some beautiful light on the floor! I popped my head out of the window and I realised that it was the moonlight!

The beautiful silver moonlight splashed into my room. At that moment, all I could feel was serenity, peotry and love.
I asked Clement to come into the room to spend some time together feeling the moonlight while watching an angel sleeping in peace.

It was an unforgettable night.

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wolfgirl said...


Elizabeth & Kenise said...

Ur place can see moonlight whereas my place only can see car headlight/hazard light etc cos opposite my place is carpark.

Lydia said...

I have the same sentiment and I always like to walk "into" the moonlight and bask in it :)

It happens when the sky is clear... but i never thought of taking picture wor... ok, next time! ;)