Thursday, June 4

Jaimie Drew The First Face and Stick Man

Jaimie was still unable to draw anything decent on Sunday although Seraphine jie-jie had been teaching Jaimie to draw the whole evening.

This evening, Jaimie managed to draw her FIRST face with some verbal instructions from Clement! He asked Jaimie to draw a circle as the face. Then, Jaimie went on to add 2 dots and a line as the eyes and mouth respectively on her own!

Clement and I were SO PROUD because Jaimie has always been slower when it comes to dexterity. She fed herself later than her peers, she turned bottle caps later than her peers, her control of the pen/ brush was slower and clumsier than her peers. She still could not handle a pair of scissors. It didn't bother us much but we were very happy when we saw that she could control the pen well enough to make her first drawing!

We sang praises of her drawings and Jaimie was in cloud nine. She erased the board and drew confidently, without any instructions or help.
After a while I taught her to add some hair to the otherwise botak head. And I got a little ambitious and showed her how to draw a stick man. The one on the right hand side was my demo and the one on the left hand side was what she drew. I quickly snapped a picture while she was erasing it and hence my stick man had a leg amputated.
This is another milestone for little Jaimie. :)

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Shana said...

Nice job, Jaimie!

Anonymous said...

Bravo! Very cute faces!

Btw, your girl getting prettier by the day leh.

wolfgirl said...

Her stick-man looks good!
I like it!

RR says, "You are Awesome!"

Elizabeth & Kenise said...

Applause Nice job Jaimie has done.

Lydia said...

A milestone indeed! :)

Joyce Long said...

Well done are great..Mommy angie and daddy clement are so proud of you...