Sunday, May 24

To Get Our MayDay Tickets

We bought our MayDay 09 Concert in January and waited excitedly for this day to get our choiced seating. There were 4 SISTIC counters which we could book our seats so we went to the nearest one which was in IMM.

The ticketing was supposed to start at noon. However, there was a long, long, long queue when we went there at 1145hr, which was something we expected. What I didn't expect was the long wait. I thought I would get the tickets within an hour, at most but goodness me, I was SO WRONG! Clement who went to check at the counter told me that the system hung so I stood in the queue for 30mins without moving an inch. Then, I told Clement to bring Jaimie home for her nap since I continued not to move an inch for the next half an hour. After that, I overheard some people who went to check at the counter again saying that only 1 computer was functioning. I was extremely frustrated by then. I was angrier when I read the words on the ticket voucher.

This was only one little fraction of the queue.

I did move a little forward in the queue. It wasn't because the queue was being served. It was because the people who sat on the floor while waiting stood up and created some space for us to move forward. We were told by one of the SISTIC staff to fill up a form to indicate our preferred blocks and our SISTIC account numbers etc. And then WAIT for our turn to give the form to the counter. About half an hour later, he made an announcement saying that he just received news saying that there was no queue at the Indoor Statium SISTIC counters and there were 5 counters there. Many people who were behind me got out of the queue immediately to go to the stadium. I was hesitating if I should make a trip down to the stadium too but when I overheard that the staff commented the estimated queue time in IMM was at least another 2 hours, I tapped on the shoulder of the girl queueing in front of me and asked her if she wanted to share a taxi with me to indoor stadium.

And so Ailing (we became friends!) and I went to the indoor stadium and got our tickets within 5mins. And we shared a taxi back to the west.

This ticketing system was extremely lousy and it wasted everybody's time. They could have just let us book our tickets online! I wasted 4hours just to book our seats.
NO MORE QUEUEING FOR ME, until all the Christmas shows start in Nov again..... :(

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wolfgirl said...

Sistic never fails to deliever...anger, frustration, KNS services.

Remember that time when there was a concert and ticket holders of the most expensive first row entered the venue and found out that there was no such rows? That was excellent Sistic service.

wolfgirl said...

And on the first day os sales of the soooo expensive F1 tickets last year, sistic system failed. wahahaha

Anonymous said...

At least you got your tixs... sigh i tried online and it is stated that online booking for this event is closed. Looks like i'll be forced to give this a miss this year!


Aces Family said...

Wow..cannot believe it. 4 HOURS are very precious Hours did they compensate for the lost?? Sigh!!!

Meekfreek said...

I'm sure it will be worth the long wait when you get to rock with your favourite band!

And you made a new friend that's a good thing!

Clement said...

how did they compensate for the lost???

the same way they compensate those who queue for 5 hours at those Natas travel fair lor. the same way they compensate those who queue for 6 hours for P1 registration lor. the same way they compensate those who queue overnight for hello shitty stuffed toys at M lor.

Q-ing is a way of life lah. if you want the stuff, you Q. Or get the maid to do it.

Lydia said...


Angeline said...

there goes the MayDay craze again! *wink*
Have loads of fun!