Tuesday, May 26

Signs of Stress

There is a serious outbreak of acne on my face. Terrible. They hurt and look horrible. What you see in the picture above is just a fraction of the numbers of pimples on my face.

Jaimie had been unwell since 1.5mths ago. When the child is sick, the mother is usually the one who is deprived of sleep. Then, she got HFMD last week. Then, Clement was down with a bad viral fever.

I had to manage the family, household chores and work. On top of that, I had to manage school events under my charge. I really do not know where did I find all my strength. Sometimes I just feel like sitting down to cry. No, it's not that I cannot handle the stress and workload but I am just feeling so physically tired.

Sometimes I do wish that I am less capable or less efficient. Then perhaps less if expected of me and I need not slog like a dog. Sigh.

However, those who know me know that I do not run away from problems. I am just ventilating here (because the outbreak of pimples on my pretty face makes me more stressed!! :D) and I will be up on my feet again, immediately.

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Lydia said...


Do take care that those 2 big ones won't turn into a secondary infection of the skin.... hey you have a slim neck :D

Keep swimming~

June Holiday is coming!!!

Anonymous said...

Plus you had to queue 4 hours & then rush down to Indoor Stadium to get Mayday tickets!

You know what helped for my friend? Guiling gao, it's supposed to bring down the heatiness (and the acne).

Angeline said...

Are those signs that Jaimie and Clement is well already? *wink* cos ALL THE GERMS jump to your face liao!
Those are signs that you have been a power-wonder-woman over the past 1.5months and add a 'SUPER' infront for the past week....
Soon soon, your pretty face will be back.

Rachel said...

Never underestimate a woman's strength..!

something bright to look forward to...June holiday is just round the corner!!!

levine said...

heaty heaty. must tao liang. could be da yi ma visiting also?? :D

Joyce Long said...

oh dear...you still look pretty....

the weather is hot..it cld also due to heatiness...drink more liao chao.

Angie said...

thank goodness the acne had dried up. actually, squeezing pimples is one of my hobbies.... heeheehee~~

Diana, where do you usually go for龟苓膏? I only liked the ones from 华佗馆but the shop at 四马路 was gone. I cant find any tasty ones anywhere!

Levine, because it is not the time of the month when these pimples popped out, that makes me more frustrated. Sigh.

wolfgirl said...

Hey, BFF, I am in the same predicament too!!!!!
And itchy fingers of mine have to keep squeezing them... I know.. but I can't stop... (just like bejewelled)

stardust said...

My chin area is prone to acne too

Some may say it may also due to problem with digestion or intestines as each part of face is linked to other parts of the body

Are you eating ok?

I have switched from Oxy to Body Shop Tee Tree Oil. Use them when the pimple is still small

shana said...

With the June holiday here, you can have your well deserved break. I'm sure your pimples will also disappear in no time :D