Friday, May 1

How Much Is That Doggie In The Window

It's Xaeus's 6 year old birthday on 1st May, Xalicia's 4 year old birthday on 6th April (exactly a year apart from Jaimie!) and Xandrio's 1 mth old on 1st May. So Terry and Pam held one celebration for their 3 lovely kids.

Jaimie was very excited about the party because she would get to see her favourite friends. Since we were early, she dipped into the pool while waiting for the party to start. She had mismatched bottom for the swim suit because the swim suit her uncle got for her birthday was a little too big for now.
And she was spraying water at the Xaeus and Xalicia.
We enjoyed some peace and quiet before the other guests arrived. We didn't expect to see more than 20 children in the party.
Pam and Terry invited a mother and son team to do face painting and balloon sculpting for the children. Most of the children had their face painted so beautifully, like Sera's.

While some had their favourite super hero painted on their faces... like Xaeus, the birthday boy.

Jaimie decided that she wanted to get a face painting after most children had their faces coloured. The lady asked if she wanted to paint a fairy or a butterfly on her face. Guess what was Jaimie's choice? She wanted a DOG! Not believing what she heard, the painter asked again. Little Miss Try-To-Be-Different insisted that she wanted a DOG!

TADAH!!!!! THE D O G !!!

She was so into character that she went around saying, er, no, barking "woof-woof" at all the children. Her name was changed to "Jaimie Dog Princess Bong" ("Bong" is the fury little alien in the show "Bing and Bong").
And she was the only "dog-face" in the party!

Thanks for the great party, Terry and Pam! Happy Birthday to your children!!

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Shana said...

Jaimie is such a CUTE DOGGIE!!! I must say the painter is very creative, the tongue is such a nice touch :D

Anonymous said...

Jae is SO CUTE!!!!

Elizabeth & Kenise said...

Oh mine she really tickles my bone wif her unique request.

You have a lovely cute "doggie" there.

Meekfreek said...

Hahaha! So sweet. The make-up artist is really good! All the kids faces look so nice!

Joyce Long said...

Wow.. Jaimie look so nice with dog made up...

ア-ネスト said...


Angeline said...

Kudos to the Mother and Son team. Amazing work!

And yes, Happy Birthday to the trio!

Aces Family said...

So, how much is this doddy in the cute..haha.

Your friend really know how to plan the birth dates, all so close to one another.


Anonymous said...

Jaimie is always sooo unique. She is very outstanding with that "doggy look". Did she request to sleep like that?

viv said...

wow thats so cool.. very nice face painting!! she is so cute!

was the party at Calrose in Yio Chu Kang? the function looks a but familiar!! hahaha

Lydia said...

What a cute face! She looks so chubby in the 4th pic of the face-painting that I thought of Thaddea, haha!

How long it took to wash away the paint? Esp. the black "eye-liner"??

Angie said...

Viv: you are a regular at Calrose?

Lydia: the paint is water soluable so it is really easy to wash it away! Phew!! no need make up remover. hahahaha!!!

Rachel said...

She makes a very cute doggie!! not many face painting will draw the dog's tongue..this one is good!

LZmommy said...

Jaimie Dog Princess Bong is so adorable!